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Katye Fredieu reviewed 360 Taekwondo Academy
via Facebook

Wonderful atmosphere, great instructors! If you're looking for martial arts training for yourself or your kids, this is the place to come. Students become leaders and great team players at this school. Sure, you might be able to go to other places for this kind of influence, but why not support a locally owned school where every member of the staff is amazing, loves every student (big or small), and makes a positive impact on your life? 360 is the way to go!

Shelly Welch

Very wonderful place to be with kids my daughter loves it she is a orange Sr belt now on her way to green belt.the instructors are good with teaching the kids on self-defense and respect.

Jeniffer Smith

My son started Taekwondo here 2 months ago. He had his first belt testing Saturday and it was so amazing to watch his progress !!! I have never seen him so happy to attend classes each week eager to learn new moves. He has gained so much confidence, strength, and perseverance. The instructors are very personable, knowledgeable, caring and fun-loving. They really get to know the kids and make sure they’re understanding the techniques they’re being taught while also making sure they’re having fun. Watching them perform each night puts a huge smile on my face and I’m learning myself from afar. We will definitely be here for a long time and look forward to my son's advancements along with all the other adults and children at the academy ! 2 thumbs up!! I would totally recommend giving Mr. Rinaldo a call to sign up today 👍👍

Jessica Yow

Absolutely love this place!! They are a great place to have your child (or adult) learn the skills for martial arts. They genuinely care! And they want to make sure that everyone feels welcomed. The techniques are on point. The passion they have for the art of martial arts definitely shows! I would recommend this academy to anyone who just wants to learn the skill or for those who want to compete.

Ashley Powers reviewed 360 Taekwondo Academy
via Facebook

Great environment, great workout, amazing community! Nothing but friendly faces and an amazing support group to reach your goals !

Yenifer Rodriguez reviewed 360 Taekwondo Academy
via Facebook

Love this place for my kids! Not only do they learn martial arts skills, but, they also aquire values, integrity, solidarity, and other skills that help shape their character. The instructors there are amazing and the students all have really made my kids feel welcome and part of the TKD family. Especially now during the pandemic they are taking all the precautions necessary to ensure all members stay safe and healthy. I've personally watched Mr. Renaldo and his great helper Gianna numerous times cleaning, mopping, disinfecting the school. Thank you 360 taekwondo academy! It's great to have place with a safe environment to take your kids to, now days.

Kendall Biggerstaff reviewed 360 Taekwondo Academy
via Facebook

My child loved his first visit! The people are so nice and welcoming! I loved the instructor and the way he interacted with the students. The younger instructors were also very awesome with the class! I look forward to see what my son learns and how much fun he has doing so!

Joann Sexton reviewed 360 Taekwondo Academy
via Facebook

This a special place for young and old alike. The people there are great. A fun place for the entire family.

Erin Wallace Sweet reviewed 360 Taekwondo Academy
via Facebook

My son really enjoys the Super Heroes Class!! Mr. Cunningham is a wonderful instructor and the kids really like him!!!

Diamond Camp reviewed 360 Taekwondo Academy
via Facebook

Awesome people and instructors! Very affordable! My sons been here over a year and LOVES it! He always looks forward to his Tuesday and Thursday karate class!

Lisa Leatherman Cameron reviewed 360 Taekwondo Academy
via Facebook

My Son loves taekwondo. I truly believe the passion and skill that Mr Cunningham has as an instructor creates confidence and positivity in his students. Very happy here!

Celica A Mercury reviewed 360 Taekwondo Academy
via Facebook

Best place to learn tae kwon do, but you get so much more from it than that. You'll learn how to meet knew people, make friends, become a leader, an independent thinker and much more. This is more that some martial arts place, this is a home of tae kwon do where people care about you and not about you as a statistic. I wish I could have joined earlier.

Mike Conway reviewed 360 Taekwondo Academy
via Facebook

Going beyond just kicking and punching. Great environment instilling self confidence, discipline, and creating well rounded members of society with Mind, Body and Community Service. You really feel like a family while your there. Every one is rooting for and encouraging each other to push the limits and succeed in reaching their goals.

Top of the line instructor in Mr. Cunningham and Rachel keeping everything organized. You could not ask for a better team.

Best thing we've done for Connor.

Trudi Malo reviewed 360 Taekwondo Academy
via Facebook

Truly an amazing academy run by the remarkable Mike and Rachelle Cunningham. Mike is an exceptional instructor...clearly what he's born to do. He's fair, stern, funny, encouraging and so very knowledgeable about Taekwondo. My son loves it there, and it's been a joy to watch him thrive and grow and have such fun. Great group of people.

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Our latest news & thoughts

Martial Arts for the Whole Family

Your New Family Activity: Martial Arts

Spring is the ideal time to talk about how to find family activities.  If you have kids of different ages, then you know how challenging it can be to find things to do as a group.  What excites your 10-year-old daughter is likely to bore your 7-year-old son – and vice versa.

There’s one exception that we know of – and that’s taking martial arts classes!  Studying the martial arts is fun for people of all ages.  It’s a great way to learn something new, get in shape, and discover common ground with the people who matter most to you.  Here are some of the best reasons to study martial arts as a family.

#1: Making Exercise a Priority is Good for Everyone:

People with kids sometimes struggle to make time in their busy schedules for exercise.  And, a lot of kids would be content to spend their days sitting in front of a video game or television.  The solution?  Signing the whole family up to study martial arts!  As parents, you’ll be setting a good example by practicing what you preach about exercise.  Kids will have a chance to burn off some of the excess energy they have, and the whole family can improve their health by getting regular workouts.

#2: Finding Common Ground Will Bring You Closer:

When you do things together as a family, you build strong bonds that bring you closer.  Even though you and your kids will be in separate classes, we think martial arts still qualifies as a group activity because you’ll all be pursuing similar goals.
In your free time, you’ll be able to talk about what you’ve learned.  You may decide to practice together as a family – and you can attend competitions or go see the latest martial arts movie together.  These things can all help you find common ground with one another.

#3: Learning the Five Tenets of Taekwondo Improves Interpersonal Relationships:

The Tenets are the core of what you’ll learn in class – and they go far beyond the physical movements you’ll be working to master.  In fact, practicing courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and having an indomitable spirit will help you in every area of your life.  Families who study martial arts together find that their ability to focus on what’s important improves as a result.  You’ll all learn to be aware of each other’s needs and to respect one another.  Those are important lessons for kids, siblings, and parents.

#4: Studying Martial Arts is Fun:

Anything you’re going to do as a family should be fun – and martial arts classes are!  A good martial arts class is a social event combined with a great workout.  You’ll get a boost of feelgood hormones after class and the whole family will be smiling.  Kids who might balk at doing a “boring” family activity will look forward to learning how to execute perfects kicks and punches or break a board with their fist.  You won’t have to worry about whether the whole family will enjoy studying martial arts – they will!


Studying martial arts as a family can help you come together across the generations – and it’s a great way to carve some family time out of your busy lives.